Zazzle designer Simon Lake

Valentine's Day

Simon Lake is the most humorous designer I know.
Simon LakeSimon lives in the UK has been specializing in the Greetings Card (humour) market as of late with publishing credits in Hello Turtle, Nobleworks, Comstock, Cartoonstock and Smart Alex and have recently secured worldwide distribution of our brand through Cartoonstock. Well done!

Simon says that people are always looking for something a bit unique or personal either for a gift or for themselves and here at customizablestuff we have just about any product you can imagine to customize to your specifics. Here is the direct link to his shop with all his personalized Art. I love his style.

This clock could be given on any day, but it was Simon’s Valentine’s design this year.

Hearts hearts and more hearts

I fell in love with Simon’s fruit and Veggie designs. They would make great Valentine gifts

A Square Tile for the kitchen with our without a wooden frame .

A banana and a carrot in love !

Or a round magnet with a cucumber and a pear with the couples name on it, so very cute Simon says its Great gift idea for cooks, foodies, chefs and more!

This customized invitation card ( angels and Devils ) would be great for a valentine’s party