Zazzle designer – Susan Golis

Valentine's Day

Lovely Valentine designs by Zazzle designer – Susan Golis

Sgolis Valentine

Give a Red Rose Valentine’s Day Chocolate Box to your loved on.

This Red rose pattern says it all –

Happy Valentine

Be different and give your loved one

Sugar cookies

Or be even more unusual and say what you feel by the roses on these shoes!

Valentine shoes,

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Susan Golis

I love Susan’s Polyvore sets with the teddy bear. and so I had to added two of her zazzles products. I love mommy baby Tee shirt

Valentine greeting card


When I lived in Missouri I oversaw a cat colony with my husband and two neighbors. The cats lived in the woods by my home and took shelter in thicket dens and small cracks in the rock walls on the ridge that was 40 feet from my home. The photographs that you view in this calendar are of the cats that were in my care and were part of the TNR program

Feral Cat of Missouri Calendar 2016To buy click here

Susan is a very creative promoter of her products. I learned a lot from her on the Polyvore site and she has always been very helpful to me. Here is the link to her Photo Gifts by Susan Goli

If you like flowers then you will love this calendar below. Susan designed this calendar with a flower photograph for every month and season. You will view a flower that blooms for every month of the year.

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flowers Calendar 2016